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Gondwes From Malawi:
Loveness Gondwe
First Woman Presidential Candidate,

Gondwes From Zambia:
  Michael Gondwe
Former PTA/COMESA Bank President, Kenya. Its longest serving admin staff (25 yrs).
Currently Governor of Bank of Zambia

* Goodall Gondwe
Former IMF Director, Africa Division & former Malawi Minister of Finance.
Voted best African Gov. Minister in 2008.

* And many more from Malawi: Click here

Eric Gondwe
Author, web developer,
Founder of Jesus Work Ministry, USA

* And many more from Zambia: Click here

Gondwes From South Africa, USA, etc:
Jessica Gondwe
Dance & Music Artist, Actress, Model


* And many more from SA, USA, etc: Click here



From Other Countries, Relations & Friends:
Shelby Shemilt
Super humanitarian, Canada

Mercy Mukosha
Christian cause advocate, USA
Face of Zambian Website

* And many more relations & friends: Click here


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