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Gondwe Relatives & Friends: Mercy Mukosha
Profile by Eric Gondwe

Ms. Mercy Mukosha is the main personality of the Zambian Website (Zambian.com). Zambian Website is Jesus Work Ministry’s country website on Zambia for indirect ministry and charity advocacy. The Kitwe born Christian beauty is an outstanding person, particularly in her Christian faith.

In fact, she requested that her profile be entirely Christian – not about her nursing training (RN) that dates back to the University (of Zambia) Teaching Hospital (UTH), not about her background nor “foreground,” and certainly not about her looks. A whole book can be written about her Christian faith. It’d be a best seller.

Christian Identity
She has a prophetic name that speaks of the most marvelous side of God toward humanity: his mercies. Where would we all be without God’s mercy. The bible says, “He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities,” Psalm 103:10.

Without his mercy the law of seed time and harvest time would be fully applied in each of our lives on every little turn (right or wrong turn) in our words, deeds and thoughts. We would have no hope at all, like a debtor who ends up in humanly impossible debts to repay.

Thankfully with God's mercy we’re able to write a new chapter in our lives with all debts from our wrongs cleared. “Mercy triumphs over judgment,” James 2:13. On every confession (apology) his pending judgment is turned to mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

God’s abundant mercy is by no means a license to sin in case someone may misinterpret it. “Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means…” Romans 6:15ff. The briefing on God’s mercy is simply being covered to describe who Ms. Mercy Mukosha is based on her prophetic name. With such a name it’s no surprise she’s a Christian.

However Ms. Mukosha says her Christianity is a spiritual state that God has kept in spite of herself. She has had her struggles understanding Christianity and on some occasions wrestled to walk out but with no success. It was like God has a leash on her.

Well, that’s what the bible says about those whom God has saved: “No one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand,” John 10:28-29.

There are exceptions, most of which are explainable through serious wrong choices knowingly and after ignoring repeated convictions from the Holy Spirit. These include one higher degree of compromise after another on areas such as sinful methods of acquiring money, power, fame, etc.

At every higher degree of compromise a portion of the conscience is seared or burnt until a person is cut off from God’s Spirit. The bible speaks of people “whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron,” 1 Timothy 4: 2.

For most of us the main problem with Christianity is not matters of worsening compromise and ignoring repeated convictions from the Holy Spirit. It’s on some hard to resolve questions. Interestingly the more you know the more you ask. It ought to be the other way round.

This is not the knowing that comes from reading the bible cover to cover several times (a very commendable endeavor). It’s the knowing of:
1) Historical matters,
2) Theological aspects (no wonder some divinity programs from top academic institutions are often labeled as bible cemeteries instead of as bible seminaries: many graduate with less faith in the bible than they came with. They bury Christians’ faith in the most important life map -God’s word,
3) The constitution of the bible,
4) Pagan infiltration into Christianity (hah Christmas day, Christmas trees, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Rosary, prayer beads, prayer candles, church images, you name it),
5) Hundreds of years of high ranked Freemasonry infiltration into Christianity a) infiltration into pastoral leadership positions of some churches (particularly the Roman Catholic church – e.g. see MostHolyFamilyMonastery.com); b) their influence in the Crusades; c) influence in using Christianity to justify slavery; d) using Christianity to justify oppression of women; e) manipulation of church doctrine, even (allegedly) adding and removing certain bible passages; f) changing days of worship from the Sabbath (Friday evening to Saturday evening) to the day of the Sun (Sunday); g) the deliberate promotion of many modern imposters (preachers and musicians) on mainstream television networks to represent Christianity,
6) And so many other potentially troublesome puzzles.

Yet here we are still as Christians, the majority of us, still passionately committed to our faith –and going to church on the day of the Sun (Sunday). This is a miracle in itself. God must have a strong invisible leash on us. And we thank him for keeping us in the faith. There is no better place to be – honestly. If you study other religions and atheists’ beliefs you’ll realize they have terrible foundations – foundations on sand.

The reason Christianity has historically been under so much attack, infiltration and manipulation is due to its authenticity or legitimacy as the true religion. What God has allowed to be distorted and mixed up is his business to deal with. We were never there, nor have we been called to stop what was prophesied to take place anyway. We’ll embrace the fundamental beliefs of Christianity while avoiding any areas we end up realizing to be false.

The most awesome part is that the fundamental beliefs of Christianity work. Just to name a few:
1) Prayer works. We don’t get all we ask for, the way we expect or desire it, yet we receive something in the long run –even a mere confirmation that God had other plans.
2) Fasting works – the most “hidden” Christian discipline. Maybe it’s because fasting requires a lot of discipline and self-denial that’s why few labor in it.
3) Humanitarianism works. There wouldn’t this much poverty if all labored in it. Oh how wonderful it feels to carry one another’s burdens as fellow humans in charity causes.
4) Plus many other fundamental beliefs of Christianity that work for our individual good or corporate good as a people. These are what largely keep us hanging on to our faith. The hard to resolve questions are marginalized or cast into minor issues when compared to the fundamentals.
This is the Christian story of Ms. Mercy Mukosha, like many Christians out there who dare to use their brains on matters of faith. Ms. Mukosha admits that sometimes she’s overblown by the hard to resolve questions. Thanks be to God that she finds herself securely locked up in Christianity – since childhood.

She’s a deep thinker that prefers privacy to glamour, the indoors to the outdoors, the tranquil to the adventure, the spiritual to the physical. Simply put she prefers idealism to realism –if reality really is that real to be really reality. Got my point?

If you ever come across her try disputing about her idealism by stating that idealists don’t dress to match clothes or have such fine eyes for shoes like she does. Idealists consider a shoe as something to protect feet not for fashion. That’s why you’d see them wearing the most unflattering shoes and clothes.

Ms. Mukosha has a wardrobe of shoes. She’d sometimes wear some never worn shoes just to cleanse guilty feelings of buying them to be wasted in decay. This is pretty much what we all do in our innocent excesses –like the computer geek whose gadget obsession ends up with four printers then hooks them all up just to eliminate the guilt of excess. In our motherland (Zambia), like in other developing nations, these can easily be donated. In developed countries few want them and the postage cost of sending them to developing nations is way prohibitive.

Humanitarian and Social Justice Endeavors
Not only does the first name of Ms. Mukosha speak of God’s compassion it also speaks of the human responsibility of compassion.

“What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God,” Micah 6:8.

She says her humanitarian and social justice endeavors are not worth describing in depth. This is due mainly to biblical reasons that our works of charity need to be private (Matthew 6:3), unless were absolutely essential - like sharing detailed info to inspire others. What she contends is that works of charity ought to be a major priority to Christians. Her favorite scripture on charity is:

“Pure and undefiled religion is to care for orphans and widows in their distress,” James 1:27.

You don’t have to be a big shot wealth-wise to fulfill the Christian responsibility of humanitarianism and social justice. Mother Teresa once said, “It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.”

There are two ways to be involved in humanitarian and social justice endeavors: 1) By helping through established formal institutions, and 2) By helping through your own established channels.

1. By helping through established formal institutions:
The help can be in any category of need that you can best assist in. These include any combination of the following:
a) Financial assistance;
b) Material support (gifts in kind);
c) Administrative and technical support (including volunteer work);
d) Spiritual support (e.g. prayers, fasting, etc.);
e) Social support (spreading the word on worthy charitable causes).

2. By helping through your own established channels:
This method is more involving in terms of time and general personal input. However you’d be able to eliminate potential disappointments that you may encounter with some charity institutions. These include misuse of funds by charity administrators, lack of communication on how funds are being utilized, little to no access to actual recipients when needed, and so on.

Some disappointments can make some people quit all their humanitarian endeavors altogether. But this need not be the case. There are always alternatives to make a difference – like looking for a more reputable charity or helping through your own established channels.

Needless to say that helping through your own established channels can potential disappointments that you could encounter. This time it’s not the middle persons (administrators) but can come from the recipients themselves. A major one is recipients sometimes taking advantage of a donor’s efforts by adding more needs to their list. It also includes falsifying of critical needs in order to use funds on luxurious wants. Another is falling back into a dependency syndrome.

However if you keep account of your help you can actually measure your efforts, ensure your recipients are on a timetable of making progress by giving appropriate yardsticks, expected results, approximate time of your ability to support, spiritual mentoring in emphasizing that your material support is faith-based to ensure that God is the focus as the ultimate deliverer (with all hope, honor and glory due unto him), etc, etc.

Your help can be in any category of need that you can best assist in. Just like the above the needs include any combination of the following:
a) Financial assistance;
b) Material support (gifts in kind);
c) Administrative and technical support (including volunteer work);
d) Spiritual support (e.g. prayers, fasting, etc.);
e) Social support (spreading the word on worthy charitable causes).

Glory be to God that Ms. Mercy Mukosha is a person we can all learn from. She is a person that’s far superior than her good outward looks. She’s an exemplary person to Zambia and all fellow humanity. May God endlessly continue blessing her, equipping her, and fulfilling all that he’s purposed for her life.

See also Mercy Mukosha at Zambian People pages at Zambian.com.

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